Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Studio Envy

Until now, I have been sewing/making/running my handmade business out of my guest bedroom. Now, though, I have the opportunity to recreate my studio in a small space away from my home. Part of me is jumping out of my skin excited, while the other part is nervously clinging to the convenience of working at home, and dreading moving all of my junk.
I know that moving into a real workspace is a step in the right direction for the way I want my handmade business to grow, and I am committed to doing that. I just have a few reservations.
Here's a quick list of pros and cons that I am currently sorting through:

  • I will have a dedicated workspace that I won't have to share.
  • I can schedule times to "go to work" instead of squeezing in projects when there's time.
  • It will be all mine, and I can do whatever works for me in terms of storage, setup, and decor.
  • It's free. Yes, that's right... I will be moving into a space that my boyfriend currently uses for storage, and he generously offered it to me to use as I wish. I know, right?
  • The space is not in great shape. It is going to take a lot of sprucing up to turn it into a positive space where I can work creatively. When I say rough shape, I mean there is a bird problem. 
  • I will have to move all of my stuff, and probably have to get some new stuff... just little stuff that's annoying.
  • It's not home.  
I know I will eventually end up moving in, and taking on the whole renovation process, which can be exciting. I have a few ideas for how I want the space to be designed and set up, and I've been lurking around the internet trying to find some more inspiration. Like these lovely spaces...

This a really fun space with lots of natural light.
Moop Studios Feb 2011

What a nice tidy desk.
This is a great way to store fabric where you can still see it all.

Leave it to Martha freaking Stewart to have this gorgeous packing and shipping department in her home. She is my hero.

Have any ideas for what I should do with my new studio? If you have a workspace, I'd love to see what it looks like!