Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Chevron Baby Quilt

Today I'm sharing a baby quilt that I whipped up in a day. Yeah, it was a pretty quick process.
No, I'm not having a baby, I just wanted to try out a few techniques without being committed to a huge quilt.
 It's a chevron quilt with no binding! I am not a fan of binding quilts, and apparently I will search high and low for a way to get out of it.
 I also rounded the corners, because I just think it's a softer detail for babies. I had visions of a baby poking itself in the eye with the sharp corner of a quilt, and thought maybe I better just round these things off.
 I bought the fabric for this quilt a long time ago, but hadn't used it because quilts just seem to take forever. I never thought I would be done in less than a day.
 I love that it's gender neutral so that I can give it to the first person I know that has a baby. I just have an awesome baby gift ready to go as soon as I get an announcement. No pressure though.
If you're wondering how to quilt without binding, check out this post from Red Pepper Quilts.
Here are two other quilts that inspired me:

Have you ever made a baby quilt? Or have you attempted the chevron technique? Let me know what's up in the comments below.

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